jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Kodak Expande el conjunto de Capture Software Suite con dos Nuevas ofertas para Microsoft® SharePoint

Introducing KODAK Document Viewer Software, Available Q2 2011

In a just a few simple clicks, KODAK Document Viewer Software will accelerate how you find and view documents in Microsoft SharePoint. Our solution delivers full screen and thumbnail views regardless of size, making information in Microsoft SharePoint extremely easy to view. Document preview also integrates with all document libraries, SharePoint lists and search results, allowing users to quickly browse any document content before deciding to open or download the actual document
  • Open documents and obtain graphic previews directly in SharePoint without native applications required; viewer is embedded in Microsoft SharePoint
  • View document full page or as page thumbnails
  • Never run into compatibility issues; works with many browsers and supports over 300 document formats

Introducing KODAK Scan and View Software, Available Q2 2011

KODAK Scan and View Software adds powerful document imaging & collaboration to your Microsoft SharePoint solution.
KODAK Scan and View Software is an all-in-one scanning, viewing and editing solution built into the Microsoft SharePoint interface that makes collaboration simple and allows customers to add paper documents to SharePoint libraries through the user’s browser.
Easy to use tools enable users to scan into SharePoint and search, view, edit, annotate and share documents in hundreds of formats.
  • Lightning fast support for previewing, viewing and processing of TIFFs , PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, DICOM and over 300 other document formats.
  • Provides a document centric user interface designed to get work done; whether the work is processing invoices, customer service or web based QA on scanned documents, get it done faster.
    • Simple scanning without invoking a separate scanning application
    • Edit metadata for easy storage and retrieval
    • Annotate, markup and share for effective collaboration
    • No configuration required for column-based searches
    • Flexibly sort search results
      • Search using multiple columns with AND and OR operators and date ranges; allowing search actions for specific documents based on stored metadat
      • Scan or Import -> assign metatags -> kick off workflow tasks
  • Additional features:
    • Clean up documents without additional software; border removal, page deskew, and hole punch removal plus split & merge
    • Easily rearrange and delete pages in preview or full view with drag and drop commands 
  • A great companion product to any of the other Kodak scanning solutions such as KODAK Capture Pro Software or can be used as the sole solution for ad hoc document capture needs for SharePoint

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