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KODAK libera la versionCapture Pro Software v3.1

Rochester, New York , May 17 - Kodak today released KODAK Capture Pro Software v3.1, the latest addition to Kodak’s expanding software portfolio. With this latest release, customers using the Network Edition of Capture Pro software now have access to the full range of capabilities of the 3.0 release, in addition to a number of new enhancements that address expanded language and scanner support, and features to help improve customer productivity.
KODAK Capture Pro Software v3.1 illustrates Kodak’s commitment to delivering additional value to new and existing customers that seek full-featured document and batch capture applications for standalone or networked, enterprise-wide environments. New Capture Pro Software v3.1 benefits include:
  • Arabic language support that increases the number of languages to 16, enabling better service to a worldwide customer base.
  • Support for an increased number of KODAK Scanners and third-party scanners
  • The ability to better streamline post-scan editing processes by offering new hot keys to Batch Explorer and a new option to close the active batch.
  • More control over manual redaction by making the Image Blanking color to black or white, enabling customers to have a choice in displaying redacted areas in output images.
  • Support for Kofax VRS Elite, while maintaining the superb image processing options provided by KODAK Capture Pro Software’s Perfect Page Technology.
To see the new product in action, visit http://www.kodak.com/go/pro.
“KODAK Capture Pro Software v3.1 enables new and existing users of our recently released Network Edition to take advantage of all the powerful new features from the previous generation, including Microsoft® SharePoint Setup Wizard and Intelligent QC,” said Tim Mortenson, Worldwide Business Director, Software, Document Imaging, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group. “With this release, Capture Pro Software brings added benefits in efficiency and applicability—to provide users cost effective and quick return on investment in operating across an enterprise—where there is a need to centrally manage and monitor multiple capture and indexing stations.”
KODAK Capture Pro Software, v3.1
Capture Pro Software, v3.1 provides customers with close integration to SharePoint (2007 and 2010 versions). A SharePoint set-up wizard greatly improves the ease, speed and accuracy with which customers can import existing SharePoint library column definitions directly into Capture Pro, reducing set-up errors and enabling better data integrity.
Comprehensive support and compatibility for third-party content management software enables Capture Pro Software to also serve as an effective front-end capture platform for SharePoint and additional digital environments. Integration between Capture Pro Software and these systems assists businesses to more efficiently process and distribute digital documents and metadata to specific locations.
Capture Pro Software, v3.1 uses Kodak’s Intelligent Quality Control (QC) capability, an image quality control and enhancement tool, which can automatically identify images with challenging noise characteristics that may need additional adjustments. A simple, but powerful post-scanning quality control tool makes it easy to re-process those images, even when the original source document is not available, providing more consistent results across a range of input sources. All of this allows customers to increase the efficiency and accuracy of downstream data recognition processes and human image readability, helping to speed up important business processes.
The Intelligent QC, SharePoint integration and other advanced capabilities of Capture Pro Software, v3.1 allow end users to easily scan, index and extract data from paper-based documents. Capture Pro Software also readily prepares these scanned images for use in business processes related to storage, organization and preservation.
Network Administration Features Enhance Usability Across the Enterprise
KODAK Capture Pro Software v3.1 offers users the flexibility and scalability of a complete package that adheres to the administrative and remote network needs across an enterprise. Features in v3.1 from Capture Pro Software’s Network Edition include:
  • KODAK Capture Pro Server Software—which features remote administration, batch monitoring and centralized licensing
  • KODAK Capture Pro Software Output Server Module— used for centralized processing of documents at any work station, while output is handled at a separate location
  • KODAK Capture Pro Client Software— used for scanning and importing documents, automatic and manual indexing, quality control and output to other systems
Capture Pro Software fits easily into a wide range of capture environments, from departmental to production batch- and transaction-level workflows and interfaces seamlessly with numerous document scanners from many different vendors. Typical scenarios include accounts receivable departments for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), claims processing departments in insurance companies, or back-file conversion for service bureau providers.
“We’re committed to helping customers build an easier, more accessible and more cost-effective onramp for their businesses, to migrate documents and information into collaborative, digital environments such as SharePoint, and specific vertical business applications,” said Tony Barbeau, General Manager, Document Imaging, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group. “The rise of SharePoint and other digital information infrastructures increasingly grows on a global basis. Kodak continues to develop innovative solutions to help customers in both the refresh and expansion of their technologies, while making the most out of their software investments.”
Kodak is a global advisor and provider of integrated services to help companies transform and optimize their businesses. Through a network of service professionals in 120+ countries, Kodak provides technical, professional, consulting and managed services to enable customers to focus on growing their businesses, maximize productivity, and more effectively manage risks. All Kodak products and software are backed by KODAK Service & Support. To learn more visit http://www.graphics.kodak.com.
About Kodak
Kodak’s Document Imaging business enables customers to capture and use valuable information from electronic and paper documents. Our document imaging solutions include award-winning scanners and capture software, and industry-leading service and support. From small offices to global operations, Kodak has the right solution to feed your business the information it needs.
For more information about KODAK Capture Pro Software, please visithttp://www.kodak.com/go/capturepro

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